Travel Diary – Korcula, Croatia

If you’ve read my September faves post you will remember that I had set myself a personal goal of having an amazing summer packed full of fun stuff! So as soon as I knew there was a girl’s holiday on the cards I knew we absolutely had to go to Croatia. I had heard so many amazing things and let me tell you, it did not disappoint!

Luckily all the girls were on board and we found an amazing group holiday deal on LoveHolidays. We ended up booking 7 whole days on the small Island of Korcula (pronounced Korchula I was told after butchering the name several times). Like a true millennial the first thing I did was check the hashtag for the most grammable attractions.

Korcula is only accessible via ferry so we had to fly into the city of Split and make the 2 and half hour journey over. Being the type A gal that I am, I had been watching the forecast like a hawk and was slightly disappointed to see that it would only be about 22 degrees. What I had forgotten was that English 22 degrees is not like European 22 degrees! It was bloody hot and I instantly regretted my all black comfy airport outfit lol.

On arrival the first thing that struck me was how picturesque Split was; the water was incredibly clear and it was delicately framed by gorgeous greenery. Being that some of Game of Thrones was filmed in Croatia you almost felt as if you were strolling through Westeros with its cobble lined streets.



After several hours of strolling and complaining about how hot it was (very British of us, I know) we boarded our ferry and headed towards Korcula Town port. Sounds straight forward right, tuh! Of course we ended up getting on the wrong Korcula ferry which added an extra two hours onto our journey. A very brief stopover in Hvar (also stupidly gorgeous!) meant that we had half an hour to find food and return to the boat, I don’t think the Hvar restaurateurs quite knew what hit them lol.


A quick nap later, we arrived at Korcula Town where our taxi was waiting to take us to The Aminess Lume Hotel, located about 35 minutes away in the village of Brna. When we arrived it was pitch black so you can imagine our sheer delight waking up to some bomb as views!



The hotel is literally perched at the edge of the Adriatic Sea so all you had to do was climb down a ladder and boom, you were in the sea! The little town was so beautiful and the people went out of their way to be helpful and hospitable – even after one of us cleared out the local supermarkets of prosecco, you know who you are lol!


Our first few days were a glorious blur of complete relaxation, copious amounts of food and a fairly interesting trip to the local bar, best I leave it at that…

On the Monday we were determined to get out and explore so we ended up booking a wine tour in Smokvica the next town over. The first stop was the Toreta winery where they educated us on the Korcula indigenous grapes; Posip & Grk. Safe to say the bucket provided was not used and I can confirm that Toreta Winery is very much deserving of all their accolades lol!

We also stopped over at Vinarijia Plasa winery located just across the road where a friendly local decided to accompany us and further educate us on the commonly used grapes and the amazing locally produced olive oil.

The next day we ventured out into Korcula town to celebrate one of the girl’s birthdays, and from all my insta pree-ing I absolutely knew we had to visit the Massimo Cocktail bar. This wasn’t your normal cocktail bar oh no, to get to it you have to climb a ladder so you can imagine the look on the girl’s faces when we had arrived lol! The climb was well worth it as the views were stunning and thankfully they had blankets to keep the cold air at bay.

On our last full day we ventured out to an amazing water sports beach. Me being a massive scardey cat barely made it on the boat even after wearing a life jacket but the rest of the girls had a lot of fun playing on the jet-skis! It was the perfect end to our holiday, cracking jokes, playing games and enjoying the amazing Croatian weather and scenery.



I’d heard so many horror stories about going on a girl’s holiday so I was the tiniest bit worried, but this trip proved to me that I have the best friends ever. So I am dedicating this post to them, 5 incredible women who inspire and uplift me every day!

Love you Lads x



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  • Petra
    November 16, 2017 at 3:48 pm

    Love it!!!!!!

    You got really nice shots!!!!

    • Marie
      November 20, 2017 at 3:52 pm

      Thanks P! I didn’t realise I had taken so many pics LOL