Bold Bathrooms – Bathrooms that bring the drama

gold walpaper & tub

Hello Loves,

We have reached the glorious month of July! The sun is shining (touches wood because English weather), I can get my legs out of hibernation and this is the time when I explore colours other than black, white and grey staples. I also like to apply this to my surroundings and I love looking at new ways to combat my fear of bright colours and bold patterns.

So today we are exploring the easiest space to amp up the drama – the bathroom. It’s a strange one I know, but I believe that if there is any room in the house where you can amp up the drama it is most definitely the bathroom.

People often think that the way to make a small space bigger is to keep colours light and detail to the minimum. Whilst that it is sometimes true, you will often find that using bold colours and interesting pattern also gives the illusion of a larger space.


One major way to add some drama is to play with tile. There are so many different options available, you can get tiles with a bold pattern, tiles with texture, colourful tiles, shiny tiles – basically any tile you can think of. I’ve picked out some amazing designs that are perfect examples of showing you how to show out in your bathroom.

Black bathroom tile


Boho tile


Flooring tile


Turquoise tile



Another way is to add wallpaper – yes my friends, wallpaper. I’m not talking your average run of the mill wallpaper, I’m talking about wallpaper that is in yo face with colour and pattern. It is also less permanent and way easier to install than tile, this means less commitment and it’s a nice renting friendly alternative. When wallpapering your bathroom, it is also very important to remember that it will need to be somewhat water resistant so it can stand up to everyday use.

geometric wallpaper


black and white wallpaper


Black floral




Which one are you brave enough to try? Let me know!

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