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Sort it out with Stylish Stationery


In reference to my previous post, we are on a mission to get ourselves together and one of my absolute favourite ways to give myself a kick start is by writing a list. Yes, I know how adult of me.

I’ve always had a strange fascination with stationery; I was that kid on the first day back to school with a snazzy new pencil case and every coloured gel pen you could imagine. I took pride in that shit too; no one could out fancy me when it came to stationery lol!

I would like to say that I have matured a great deal since those days but who am I kidding lol. I do however still love a good bit of stationery and actually find that it relieves some anxiety when I write down the things I have to do.  Plus how satisfying is it when you can cross something out once you’ve done it!

It’s something I recommend to everyone and it does give you chance to ‘unplug’ and rely less on your electronic devices. I have yet to master the art of unplugging but I’m taking baby steps lol.

In this post I have picked out a few bits of seriously stylish stationery to help you (and myself) get back on track and get shit done!

Notebooks & Planners

These aren’t your old school notebooks oh no! These are much more grownup and stylish. If like me you love a good slogan there are also some pretty cool ones you can purchase from the interwebs.

notebook stationaery

Urban Outfitters x Ohh Deer

etsy notebook

Easy Customised Journal


Urban Outfitters – Skinnydip

Asos notebook

Asos – Ban.Do

Paper Organisers

This here, is serious adulting. We all dump our payslips, important letters, bills etc in a drawer or under a pillow (why I do this, I don’t know) and have a mini panic attack when you can’t find that super important letter. Well it’s time to put a stop to it! Grab your self-one of the below and organise that mess.


Paperchase Document Wallets

desk organisers

The House Outfit – Desk Organiser

letter rack

The House Outfit – Letter Rack

I could probably go on about my love for pretty stationery but Ill save it for now, it will most definitely come up again so keep your eyes peeled! Also please do let me know if you are a fellow enthusiast, we can compare notes (Ha! Good one Jeng)

Lead Image – Anthropologie

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