The Adulting Series – How to furnish your first grown-up flat

First of let me start by telling you that having a Type A personality is stress! Failure isn’t an option so you plan plans, make lists of lists and obsess over small irrelevant details. As a Type A gal who is looking at moving out of the nest and into my first flat soonish, best believe I am slightly losing my mind lol.

I mean there are so many questions, where in London do I want to live? More importantly where in London can I afford to live? Will my new landlord let me paint the kitchen cabinets black? What if there’s not enough room for my shoes… oh and partner?  *sigh*.

One thing I can do now without having a conniption however, is make a checklist of the big-ticket furniture items one would need for a grown AF flat. So, you could say this post is more for me than it is you guys lol!


I am starting of here because your bedroom is your sanctuary and after a long day it should be the place you rest comfortably. So, to me the most important thing is to find a good bed and an even better mattress. If I’m honest you can cheap out on a bed frame but please get a good mattress. Your back will thank you!

flat - storage BedUpholstered Storage Bed – Wayfair


Beatnik Bed – Loaf

Another staple is a wardrobe/ chest of drawers. Built-in closets are unfortunately uncommon here in good old blighty, so you will definitely need to purchase somewhere to store your clothes. Lucky for you I have an entire post dedicated to how keep your closets super organised righhht here 🙂

pax wardrobe

PAX Wardrobe – Ikea


Iron & brass plated chest of drawers – Swoon Editions

Lastly you will need a mirror, how else will you check how good you look. Mui importante!


Antique Brass Mirror – West Elm


Floor standing mirror – Ikea

Living Room

The first thing on my living room list is a sofa, and super comfy sofa at that – your Netflix binges depend on it!  This is another big-ticket item so I suggest that you take your time and pick something you love. I would also suggest taking your lifestyle into account when deciding on a sofa. Love makeup? A white sofa probably isn’t your best choice etc. This could save you a lot of money and heartache in the future.

grey sofa

Grey Sofa – Made

3 Seat Sofa – Ikea

Second on my list is a coffee table, if you are struggling for space I would suggest possibly using two small round tables. You end up saving tons of space without sacrificing style. If not, go all out and make it a centrepiece! I have a post in the works on how to style a coffee table so look out for that!

Marble top coffee table – West Elm

Pair of coffee tables – La Redoute

Next up on my list a media unit, this is essentially a stand for your TV and other electronics – thankfully there are many different and affordable options out there for you to choose from.


TV Unit – Furnish

Black media unit – Swoon Editions


This one is relatively easy, you don’t need much in here. However, I would suggest investing in a little extra storage. It would free up a ton of counter space and store all your bits and bobs.


Bathroom Caddy – Argos

Bathroom Shelf – Wayfair

Kitchen/Dining Room

Saved the best for last, because food is bae! Luckily, most rentals come with appliances so you don’t have to worry too much about that. The only furniture you should need for this space is a dining table. I know, you probably don’t have room for a grand dining table but like I mentioned previously round tables are your friend. I would also suggest a glass tables as they don’t block sight lines and that gives the illusion of more space.

Round Glass Table – West Elm

Dining Table with chairs – Cult Furniture

There you are, I hope this posts helps you feel confident about furnishing your first flat. Now all we have to do is find one…. Pray for me!

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